Limousine Builder & Limos For Sale in Michigan


I have been a long time lover of limousines ever since I was little. I remember watching Dumb & Dumberer when I was still going to elementary in West Bloomfield, MI and seeing the limousine the Lloyd drives, and thinking how cool it would be to also meet a beautiful lady like Mary when doing a limousine ride.

It was always in the back of my subconscious that I wanted to some day own my own limousine. I didn’t know if I wanted to do business with it or just own one. My childhood mind probably just wanted to own one one way or another. I always liked to have nice things in life, whether it was the newest Air Jordans that my friends didn’t have yet or it was that limited edition Charizard. I always wanted to have something unique & special that is of high valued. There is this great feeling you get when you finally get an item you’ve been dreaming about for a long time.

I remember this one incident back when I was 10 years old, I got some booster packs for Pokemon cards for Christmas. I mean back then those cards were the most popular thing ever. And I remember opening through the cards and I found a Charizard amongst one of the packs and I was super delighted because it was what I was dreaming about for months at that point.

So now that I’m 27 years old and I graduated College with a degree in advertising and working for a company for few years. I’ve come to a new stage in life where I realized that being an entrepreneur is the only way to go in this world because when something gives you a significant return on investment of time like money, you work harder and you enjoy working harder. Well recently I’ve been rekindling my childhood dreams of owning a limo and renting it for a living.

I want to quite my job and become a business owner of renting limousines. Well that’s easier said and done because the more research I did the more challenging it became to see just exactly which limousine I was going to purchase for the first time.

I knew the usual fleet like befow

Cadillac Stretch Limousine


A great looking car and I wouldn’t mind starting off my limo business in Michigan with this ride but I do see this ride pretty commonly with other business owner.

The Lincoln Stretch Very Common Ride

Now the Stretch Lincoln has to be the Cheese Burger of McDonals, every limo owner has it and it makes me wonder if I should get it as well and that if it’s the big money maker?

But where the rubber meets the road is that either by coincidence or by good fortune, I was at a small local business convention and I met a man that had 25 years of limousine manufacturing and renting. He told me the key to success in the limousine business is to own cars no one has. Then he told me few of the secret of his secret and how he became the largest limousine operation in Michigan with over 70 vehicles at his disposal.

He told me the key is to get a nice limo like a Bentley or Rolls Royce that people don’t have and rent them out at unique prices to customers and let them have a really unique experience then just renting a white Lincoln limousine.

After hearing the price on one of these vehicles he manufactured I got excited because it was within my price range and I could see myself financing one pretty soon.

The limo will have all the bells and whistles of modern vehicle but with classic exterior of a Rolls Royce phantom.


More of his limo can be found at his site:

He even has Corvette Limos and Ferrari Limousines although the price tag is bit out of my reach, I would like to someday own one of those as well, it is a good goal to aim for anyways.

But yea now I have to go to the bank and scrap up some money for the Rolls Royce limo and start my business within this year. That is all. In the meantime, I would like to keep posting some articles on my limousine business ventures of Michigan on this blog and keep everyone informed on what I learn and what are other cool things that are out there that can enhance a limo business to the next level.

First important thing I believe is to model after success, right now I think I found my mentor that’s the Limo Creator guy, I will keep his name undisclosed, but man he had some great insight and knowledge from his 25 years of experience.

-signing out


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Writing my goals down everyday

Hands Writing Goals

So I’m getting into this new kick where I write my goals down every and make sure I’m getting hotter and more jazzed, pumped up everyday. When I write my goals down everyday I begin operating at higher levels than I ever thought possible so here’s an example of some of my goals so I keep myself accountable for you all.

My goals, Vision

  1. I am a millionaire by age 30
  2. I make $10,000 a month by August 2015
  3. I’m a six figure man by August 2015
  4. I’m master at pacing & leading
  5. I’m a master at matching & mirroring
  6. I’m a man of influence, I speak like an influencer
  7. I’m extremely valuable to local business owners
  8. I’m very driven towards my goals and my vision
  9. My health is extremely good

So what is my vision?

My vision is someone that wakes up everybody looking to give to the world. I no longer seek validation because I radically accept each and every moment with unconditional self-acceptance. This unconditional self-acceptance is part of my purpose is to live at the highest level and teach others how to do the same. In the financial world, I have grown far beyond what I ever imagined was possible. I have clients contacting me from all over the world to come learn from me in business. I have several high=end clients that I pay me large amounts of money to get my services. I am a best selling author of several New York Times Best Seller. I do interview on television and I looke extremely cool doing so. I do speaking engagements. I’m friends with Tony Robbins, Jordan Belfort, Dan K calls me regularly to chat, friends with Brad Ca, I became one of the highest producer in JK because of my skills on the phone. I am very valuable and continue to produce unlimited amounts of wealth using the telephone.

I fly in jets, drive beautiful cars, have beautiful women in my life in various cities that support me and my dreams. My name is known to everyone in the world. I reach millions of people and help them achieve their goals.

So these are the goals that get me motivated in the morning, this is the goal I shared with my friend who owns the towing business I was telling you about in the last post. The guy that helped me tow my limousine. Well it turns out he owns another store in Troy.

The store is called Troy Towing

It’s a great place and he does excellent towing service and hes also like me he’s after big goals in life, and he plans on getting there by doing high quality service one at a time. So whenever you need a quick tow on i75 give him a call you won’t be sorry.


Make your dreams and visions big and juicy, and you will begin attracting other like minded people to you.

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Business Owner Tells All How Its Done


When you are prospecting a client sometimes the best thing is to let them go and give them space. And make them want it more. In Tonight’s post on Tonight Alive Daily we are going to talk about what makes me jazzed up in life, what kind of life purpose am I going to lead and that will make me spring out of bed and go to work? What is that goal or endeveaour that is going to make all the difference for me ? Is it the money? Yea its great to have lots of money by why do I want it?

So what can I do with lots of money and how will it impact my life in a meaningful empowering ways?

With Lots of Money I can…

  • Live as True Inspiration & Role Models for the young kids
  • To live in absolute freedom
  • To do anything I want whenever I want with whomever I want
  • To create wealth for other people
  • To show people how to live an extra-ordinary life
  • To be the icon of unlimited possibilities
  • To help all of my family members financially
  • To retire my parents, grandparents
  • To connect my families from JPN & US
  • To bring joy & happiness to my father
  • To bring joy & happiness to my mother
  • To inspire my sister to go out there and live an extraordinary life
  • To inspire & encourage my brother to reach for greatness
  • To inspire my friends to become hustlers and make big things happen in life
  • To have nice things and drive nice cars
  • To have more than enough to pay the bill at lunch or dinner table
  • To bring incredible amounts of wealthy daily and be in complete love with my profession because I bring true value to the world
  • To become a motivational speaker
  • To become a man of true influence
  • To speak like an influencer


These are some of the reasons why i want to be wealthy and successful, what about you guys?

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Limousine Breakdown, What to do what not to do

What happens when you run a limousine for sale business and you are transporting your vehicles across state and one of them breakdown? The past weekend I was hired to transfer some limousine from one property to another and what was supposed to be 3 hour ordeal turned into 6 hours because one of the limousine’s engine blew out, yes it was quite the spectacle, stuck on the side of a busy intersection with a long stretch limousine taking up two car spots. Luckily it was not a run with customers, just me transporting it so the embarrassment was less harsh.  But still I wanted to get the job done as soon as possible and so I called the owner, not actually knowing what to do in this situation with a broken down limo.

Well after he asked me 10 different questions, we figured that the limo had to get towed. I had no prior experience of towing a limo so I really didn’t know what to do in this situation. I was stuck on i75 headed West towards Lansing and there were many towing companies that popped up on google. I decided to go with Southfield Towing because they had the most positive reviews.

The limo being towed was a sight to see, it looked something like this.

Note: if you thought a limo gets a lot of attention everywhere it goes, just wait and till you see a limo getting towed. I mean it was getting all the attention, granted the wrong type of attention!

People were whipping out their iPhone and taking pictures, I saw some mouth move in a way that made the sound “Wow” and the spectacle continued as more and more people looked on as the proud limo got carried away.

I will say this, I have dealt with limousines for many years but I too have never seen it get towed with two wheels on the ground, I’ve seen it get hoisted up to the flat bed and get towed which is what I thought originally was the only way to get a limo towed but I stand corrected!

Limousine is a wonderful thing when it is driving smooth, however some limos will go many miles before it is traded in for something else. So eventually these cars will go out and it doesn’t always go out quietly in the storage, sometimes it likes to go with a bang and with lots of attention! This limo was known for being the splashy one with bit of flare and attitude. So it’s only right that the way it went out was through causing lots of people to do double takes on the whole situation.

If this limo was a member in Jersey Shore it would certainly be the Situation.

But after the ordeal, the towing guys did a fantastic job hauling the limo 25 miles and the rate was very affordable so we were pleased with their service. I will leave them a 5 star Google Review when I get around to it for sure.

So now you learn from me, towing limos works! and its just like towing a car except its double in length, don’t worry though you won’t get charged double! well at least if you find a good towing company like the one in Southfield.


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Cool Limousines for Sale in Michigan

So me and my friends are thinking about start a limousine business and we are looking into investing in some limos or party buses by the time summer comes. There’s many to choose from and its almost mind boggling which one to choose from. Which car model, maker, and color? Should we go with white, black or yellow?


As we scan through the list of limo companies in Michigan, we notice that most of them drive around in Lincoln Town Car Stretch or H2 Hummer Limos.

yes a lot of these vehicles are very nice indeed, but what’s the point of having the same car as everyone else? I mentioned in my last post about a company in MI that’s selling real luxurious vehicles like Bentley’s and Rolls Royce and I think that’s where the money is at. Getting those vehicles that other people don’t own. I am sure you will get a lot more wedding bookings and other things where client will gladly pay higher margins to get a special vehicle for their wedding day.

So what other limo sellers are there in Michigan besides limo creator, we’ve been looking and it seems that most of the big time limo custom builders are coming from California. I would be hard pressed to find another limo manufacturer in Michigan. Although it is always fantastic to buy local, we have looked into other options in the west coast as well.

As you know west coast custom choppers gives the image that things coming from California are much nicer than Michigan but is that really true?

Sure the vehicles look nice sitting under palm trees and the beach with a bright sun up in the sky but there’s gotta be more to it than that. It is indeed nice to touch and feel the product before you buy it. I’ve been listening to some of Jordan Belfort’s speeches and there’s two components to people buying.

There’s the emotional side of buying:

People will do business with those that they like, a person that they feel cares about them, not just someone looking to sell them something. We want to do business with people that are like us.

There’s the logical side of buying:

We want to do business that makes air tight logical sense, that means the positives hugely out weight the negatives. And everything is heavily weighed in my favor.

With this in mind its interesting to watch your own psychology of buying and watching others buying strategy.

It is definitely true in my experience, we want to do business with someone whom we like and someone that’s like us. and I am calling these business owners and finding out if I can trust them, unconsciously drawing up pictures in my mind of who they are.

and this whole processing is happening so rapidly, its pretty amazing when you think about it…


What Limo Is the best to begin with?

This is the question I will be mulling over in my mind for a while and I will report once I come up with a good solution.


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